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Virtual Reality UX

Development: Preliminary Funding

Link Up is poised to be the unrivaled, fully interactive virtual dating venue takes long-distance relationships to the next level.  The old adage there are more fish in the sea will be replaced with there is another star in the universe

Link Up is the natural evolution of human connection.  Technology is available to experience dating in a revolutionary way.  We have the capability to offer ‘excursions’ such as enjoying a picnic on the moon, river rafting at Black Canyon, or watching a movie together in the same room- all while 3,000 miles away.  

Link Up gives those with limited means the opportunity to partake in a lavish evening with their date or loved one.  An introverted shy person that normally wouldn’t approach people is encouraged to be outgoing and fill his/her ‘date book’. 

Link Up is the progression of virtual meetings, networking, and relationships.  Being in close proximity to good company is as easy as sitting in your chair and putting on VR gear.  The possibilities are endless when distance is a thing of the past.

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