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Engraved is the path to preserving family heritage and human history.  It also has the added perk of bringing awareness to sustainability in commemorating loved ones and improving current practices.  In writing my current book, I found that cemeteries are lost (read that again) and that we are out of room to bury the dead.  Toxins last longer than an eternity.  There has to be a better way.

Engraved starts family and historic preservation efforts by equipping gravestones with a QR code embedded with the exact GPS location, video, documents, voice recordings, known family tree, and a link to the departed’s ‘digital life vault’ and commemorative website.  Who better to record the story of their life than the person living it.  We extend our efforts to equip historical cemeteries with QRs of all known information.  It is our quest to link the human race to each other and our history.  

Engraved is the documentary of meets History channel

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