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Vicinanza Studios, LLC (VStudios) is created by gamers striving to close the distance between gamers on a global level using several different mediums. Our very name means close proximity.

Our inspiration was ignited by the long-lasting relationships we have built while gaming and the incredible (and not so incredible) user experiences we have had. Through gaming relationships, we have been able to network skills, find humor in everyday situations, and benefit from a solid support system.

VStudios uses our experience in gameplay and real world to create applications and games that encourage user engagement through socialization and enjoyment of the game on several levels.  We do not limit ourselves to one platform and aspire to enhance user experience and social connections.   ​

Our main objective is to bring people together by creating diverse communities that extend beyond gaming. We are on a mission to empower gamers through user experiences and bring gamification into schools and workplaces highlighting translatable skills.

Human nature is to play & Gaming is life

We encourage feedback and value your input and criticism to help us build a better reality.

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soul catchers.png

Development: Preliminary Funding

Soul Catchers is Pokeman meets Wikipedia with a dash of Bill & Ted.  This educational game lets you catch souls through history-making learning fun.  Collect and trade digital cards.  Submit historical ghosts from around your hometown and have them featured in the game!  Soul Catchers is poised to be the world's largest historical database with audience participation.


Engraved (1).png

Development: Preliminary Funding

EnGraved equips gravestones with a QR code embedded with a living epitaph and biography from the deceased or from a loved one.  The QR code includes a link to the deceased’s digital life, memorial, and gravesite locations of other family members.  Preserve your heritage which is too often lost from one generation to the next.  Immortalize you and your loved ones for future generations and leave a living legacy.



Development: Preliminary Funding

This virtual dating game takes relationships to the next level.  Impress your date with excursions like dinner on the moon, or riding virtual roller coasters, or strolling through a museum - or even see a movie together.  Immerse yourself in the experience of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right across thousands of miles - with VR there is no distance.  Fun events like group date night, casino night, themed party rooms, and speed dating.  This is the only social network you will ever need with no awkward cab ride home and no face mask.

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